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Listen To This: Go HAM!

Sandy Hook Parents File Defamation Lawsuit Against Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Over Calling The 2012 Shooting A Hoax!

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Jessica Jones Is A ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ In Harrowing Season 2 Trailer

OMFG — Quincy Jones Claims He Once Dated ‘Fine Motherfucker’ Ivanka Trump!

Bebe Rexha & Kent Jones Are Not Here For Attacking Beyoncé

Roy Moore Now Suing Alabama Over Alleged Voter Fraud In The Special Election He Lost — But State Officials Aren’t Buying It!

Roy Moore Is Now Going After Doug Jones’ Gay Son!

Bullied Student Keaton Jones Appears To Have A White Supremacist Father — But Has NO Contact With Him!

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Riverdale Star On FP’s ‘Ruthless’ Side And Jughead’s ‘Battle Between Blood And Family’